XML Document Production Tools

This is a quick list of XML document production tools taken from Charles McCathieNevile and a quick poll. See also the W3C authoring technologies survey (member-only).

XMLspec-based Tools

XMLspec is a vocabulary for structured XML documents.

current and maintained DTD for XML Documents. See also:
Eve describes the goals and functionality of XMLspec
XSL for document production
XMLspec schema
the DTDs and XSL stuff in the CVS repository
example docs
XML 1.0 (Second Edition)
produced normative recommendation with xmlspec.xsl and saxon or XT.
produced normative recommendation with xmlspec.xsl and saxon or XT.
produced normative recommendation with IE and the subset of xmlspec.xsl that IE supports.
XML schema
produced normative recommendation with XSLT, IE, and saxon or XT. Note, this document was based on an augmented XMLspec DTD.
not working right nowfree Windows/Unix XMTL editor. Amaya used to support structured XML editing but does not currently and again. There is a possibility that adding support in the S (structure) and P (presentation) langauges for XMLspec could give native support for that DTD.
commercial Windows XML and maybe CSS editor.
commercial Windows XML and CSS editor. Available from Softquad.
Epic Editor
commercial Windows/Unix XML and CSS (with plugin) editor. Available from Arbortext.
commercial (1000USD) Java XML tree editor.
Emacs Sgml Mode
free Windows/Unix XML DTD-enforced raw document editor.
Text editor for XML document instances.

HTML/XHMTL-based Tools

Due to authoring tool limitations, some folks like to work with XHTML, deriving additional structure from div and span classes.

set of XSLT tools, claimed to be half-working
list of additional WAI-related authoring tools
Grammar for CSS specs
the CSS WG uses a predefined set of classes and markup and a program to generate the final documents from it
the QA WG has been using a set of XSLTs to generate the table of contents, extract checklists from guidelines, splitting a large document in several pieces, etc. Lack of documentation, though
commercial Macintosh/Windows XHTML editor with "clean roundtrip of code". Available from MacroMedia.
free Windows/Unix XHMTL editor. Amaya provides WYSIWYG support for editing XHMTL

Lists of Lists of XML Editors

Rather than sign up to maintain a list of XML editors, Susan Lesch gives you these lists of lists:

Free XML tools list by Lars Marius Garshol
XML Software's list of XML editors
Dave Winer's list of XML editors at UserLand

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