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eric, do: /op DanC
11:33 [Ralph]
Present: EricM, MichelB, RalphS
11:34 [Ralph]
11:34 [Ralph]
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11:34 [DanC]
emiller: propose to keep this meeting "short and sweet"
11:35 [DanC]
SteveN reports...
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# Appears as XENO.
11:35 [DanC]
... Sam H. Murray A. [?], SteveN, the 4 editors, have put together a draft xtm syntax proposal...
11:36 [Ralph]
11:36 [Guest1683]
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11:36 [DanC]
... we're confident it'll work for RDF interchange.
11:36 [DanC]
EricM: online yet? pointer?
11:36 [DanC]
SteveN: not yet... Murray A has the action to put it online.
11:37 [DanC]
er... Guest1683... is that you, Michel? SteveN?
11:38 [Guest1683]
It looks that it's me (michel)
11:38 [DanC]
try: /nick Michel
11:38 [Michel]
11:38 [DanC]
SteveN: this draft is a report to the AG, the Authoring Group; it's up to them to decide.
11:39 [DanC]
EricM: do you expect this to be discussed at next week's Dallas meeting? would you like www-rdf-interest feedback before then?
11:39 [DanC]
Steven: yes, we expect it to be discussed in Dallas...
11:40 [DanC]
... our objective is to release *something*. RDF-happiness is a goal, but it's not a critical requirement for this go-round.
11:40 [DanC]
... so don't expect this draft to be completely rdf-happy.
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11:43 [DanC]
[unscribed stuff...]
11:43 [emiller_]
Michel: Design goals: simple syntax of explicit description... first step on unification of RDF... but more work clearly is needed
11:44 [DanC]
SteveN: ... v. happy about a brickley message to xtm-wg re DOM properties vs. topicmap properties, which makes topicmaps look like RDF, again.
11:44 [DanC]
... [some meeting; where/when?]
11:45 [DanC]
"the common enemy is ignorance" -- SteveN
11:46 [DanC]
Ralph: it is remarkable that many of the topicmap modelling issues are very familiar from RDF development.
11:47 [Ralph]
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11:49 [emiller_]
danbri's message to the XTM list: http://www.egroups.com/message/xtm-wg/811
11:49 [Ralph]
Steve: current DOM APIs can't easily be used for topicmap problem; different paradigms.
11:49 [DanC]
DanC: how big of a tweak would one need to use DOM APIs to traverse topicmap properties... interesting to ponder.
11:50 [Ralph]
Ralph: we're certainly very interested in investigating what can be done to make DOM more graph friendly
11:50 [emiller_]
DanC: XML Query Wg may be the bridge between DOM and a more graph general approach
11:51 [Ralph]
Steve: node classes emerge from processing topicmap documents that are not present in the syntax
11:53 [Ralph]
DanC: it would be nice to leverage user's XSLT knowledge if possible
11:53 [Ralph]
Steve: I feel pretty confident that it's too hard to do this with DOM as it is now
11:54 [Ralph]
DanC: but how small are the changes?
11:54 [DanC]
11:54 [DanC]
rdfnorm.xsl -- some hacking on how to view graphs from XSLT/DOM
11:54 [Ralph]
Ralph: it's been on my agenda for a long time to look at what changes might be proposed for DOM to support graphs
11:55 [Ralph]
Steve: there's huge interest in this; I'm getting a sense of inevitability
11:55 [DanC]
11:56 [Ralph]
Michel: we need a facility to set 'defaults' when something is not present in the syntax
11:56 [Ralph]
... we are resolving things as we process them
11:57 [Ralph]
DanC: incorporating new data while processing is the critical difference between SQL and RDF
11:58 [DanC]
ACTION emiller: schedule the next meeting, to debrief from Dallas.
11:58 [Ralph]
my calendar doesn't open up until the 2nd week of December
11:58 [DanC]
Swick: I'm in a crunch today, and it doesn't get much better 'till 2nd week of December; 11Dec.
11:59 [DanC]
who will be at XML 2000?
11:59 [Ralph]
I expect to attend XML 2000
11:59 [Michel]
Me too
11:59 [DanC]
A: Michel, SteveN, EricF, RalphS
12:00 [DanC]
DanC, emiller: hope, but not so strong as "expect"
12:00 [DanC]
EricF: ftf at xml 2000?
12:00 [DanC]
12:01 [DanC]
SteveN: if Ralph will be there, perhaps he could stand up and say "we're talking..."
12:01 [DanC]
RalphS: I think I could do that.
12:01 [DanC]
... when?
12:01 [DanC]
SteveN: XTM day is Monday.
12:01 [Ralph]
Monday: "xtm day"
12:02 [DanC]
ACTION SteveN: send email update after the [Dallas] meeting.
12:04 [DanC]
ACTION SteveN: send [to participants of this call, scribe infers] pointer to XTM syntax draft, when it becomes available.
12:04 [DanC]
ACTION emiller: release RDF-ization of Michel's thingy.
12:04 [DanC]
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-> http://www.gca.org/attend/2000_conferences/XML_2000/default.htm XML 2000
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emiller, pls arrange for scribe duties; i.e. somebody to send a point to today's log to www-rdf-interest and xtm-wg
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online, but crude and still behind firewall... i'll clean up and send URL
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-> http://www.gca.org/attend/2000_conferences/XML_2000/specialinterest.htm XTM track (Monday)
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Eric; this irc log is:
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-> http://www.w3.org/2000/11/06-topicmaprdf-irc log of this session
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