reviewing Jigsaw source code after our project review. cf earlier JXML, RDF, and RNodes of 1999-08


Have we re-invented the reflection wheel? This is evidently a faq

Intuition: RDF, SOAP, WebDAV, and Java Beans share a data model, and should be able to share many implementation details

Why are attributes integers?
Why not URIs?
Sigh... Java isn't lisp ;-) it doesn't have real symbols.
But it does have interned strings.

What the heck? Why doesn't this method just throw an exception?

	} catch (DuplicateNameException ex) {
	    System.err.println("Invalid attribute name \""+ex.getName()+"\" "+
			       "in class "+cls.getName()+".");
	    System.err.println("There is already an attribute defined with "+
			       "this name.");
	    System.err.println("WARNING: Attribute not registered!!");
	    return -1;

bean tutorial

beans seem sorta higher level than what I'm after... I think I'm after reflection.

Yeah... in reflection, properties are called fields:

Other trails use the term "member variable" instead of "field." The two terms are synonymous. Because the Field class is part of the reflection API, this trail uses the term "field."

reflection API tutorial

I *really* want to automate that little bit: copy a selection of text from one document to another; the result is a blockquote, with an address pointing back to the original, with title/date/author. cf TimBL's designissues/hypertext editor thingy. Can I do it with javascript somehow? yeah! Does Amaya have some sort of scripting interface? How about the mozilla editor? Maybe just emacs somehow?

The world needs a better xml mode. I think I'm gonna write one, and gradually expand it into a hypertext editor.

Where are the interfaces? Why is Attribute a class rather than an interface?

Java has "the" class. cf Corba is not Mimally Constraining. cf Hendler's "NO THE" slide. cf COM persistence... I think there's an analog... yes: IPersist::GetClassID in [COM]

The following line of code gets the Class object for an object named

            Class c = mystery.getClass();
Retrieving Class Objects
Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

ResourceReference... cf COM IMoniker...

Jigsaw ResourceReference COM IMoniker
isLocked() IsRunning
why does jigsaw need this?
unlock() Release?
updateContext(ResourceContext ctxt)
[...] an object cannot have changed at a date later than its container.

What's this AttributeRegistry thingy...

Aha! here's all the code! in Blech... more bug-masking exception catching.


REGISTER-RESOURCE /http-server/docs_space/ HTTP/1.1
JigXML, The Jigsaw XML format
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 17:06:35 GMT

REGISTER-RESOURCE should be just POST. (a) we're not standardizing it, so we're squatting on public syntax real-estate, and (b) this is pretty much the original motivation for the POST method. Where's the actual jigadmin protocol doc?

aside... reviewing Qt object model. ala ole automation, or java reflection (beans?)


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