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see also XML Schema for RDF, rdfs, inference, lists, problem report of 28Jul2000

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The RDF model and syntax specification defined a number of features which are not required for DAML. DAML agents will not be required to be able to process these.

RDF documents are encoded in XML syntax [XML1.0] using namespaces [NS]. For the purposes of this project, the following XML features are not required for DAML, and DAML agents are not required to process them.

DAML project participants should note that the current RDF-Schema document [RDFS0] has dissimilar definitions of range and domain. This document assumes that this error will be fixed and the conventional meanings [@@what are those? --DanC 31Jul] associated in a future version of the specification [do the new definitions get new names, i.e. new URIs? --DanC 31Jul].

RDF within other XML documents

Practical considerations require DAML to be able to be inserted into other XML documents [which practical considerations? do we really need this now? --DanC 31Jul]. For this to be possible, the DAML parser must have a hint as to whether the other namesapces are ignorable, or have some RDF semantics. The document management section includes an RDF property for asserting that a given namespace is transparent to RDF in that any non-RDF elements may be replcaed by their content with no change to the RDF model conveyed by the document.

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from the Model section:

Abstract Algebra

(borrowing from the terminology of a section of the KIF 3.0 spec)

@@hmm... we could define "reflexive on S" rather than just "reflexive".

Equivalence and derived classes

The concept of equivalence is a crucuial one upon which much else is then based. It must be stressed that this is one equivalence relation which is defined here, while anyone is free to define their own for their own purposes. The one defined here is a strict higher-order equivalence, in that the semantics are that the resources connected by isEquivalentTo relation can be subsituted for each other under any circumstances.

The only processing which is disallowed (following web architecture) is that properties are not allowd to peek into the content of the URI string identifying a resource. That is, to define a property "The schema string of the URI identifying the resource" is illegal.

isEquivalentTo(a,b) => ( a(x,y) => b(x,y)) & (x(a,y)=>x(b,y)) & ..

More types of Properties

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  1. Some useful properties and classes for the above

    "a survey of the literature"

    split into things whioch require equivalence and things which do; things implying HOL; etc- in fact we have no FOL layer all is HOL.

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    look for a table of what system understands what terms;

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@@Building HOL section

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  1. Building HOL on top of RDF-NF

Solidifying DAML 0.5

This chapter is not formally part of DAML as it assumes conversance with the previous chapter in which logical primitives were introduced. Here we use these primitives to give a formal set of rules for DAML; rules which were implicitly or explicitly stated in the RDF Model and Syntax, RDF Schema documents, and in the Chapter on ontological terms in this document.

RDF Model and Syntax, RDF Schema

Ontological Rules

The raw transfer syntax RDF corresponding to these rules is given in an appendix.

@@ from Doc Mgmt section:

Housekeeping terms


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  1. Practicalities of logic on the web: document management etc


A gloss on the RDF spec, in KIF terms:

object (though I think the RDF spec confuses resources with URIs in some cases)
word (this is a rough correspondence)

*absolute URI with optional fragment identifier, that is

sentence, or relational sentence
relation constant
term; in particular: object constant
term; in particular: object constant

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(to allow relative URI for target of conversion!)


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Dan, Tim, Ralph, and Lynn
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