LOTP Transfer Adapters

This is the LOTP (Layered Object Transport Protocol) Transfer Adapters document. It describes a generic mechanism to shuttle delivery an negotiation information between the transfer/transport protocol and the LOTP Core.

This is a living document. While, some effort will be made to maintain the anchors from version to version, it is impossible to guarantee anchor or information persistence over the life of this document.

LOTP is still in experimental stages. It may evolved into an deployed generalized XML protocol or it may be used as a learning experience for designing another protocol.

Table Of Contents

The mime-type "text/xml" is recommended in all transport protocols that support mime-types.







On the flip side, an application may select a transfer adapter that will support a level of encryption appropriate for the data transfered.

Agent Access

In addition to choosing an appropriate Transfer Adapter for the transmitted media, the LOTP agent may use direct access to transport protocol data. For example, a LOTP agent could, upon insufficient authorization, instruct an HTTP server to return a 401 Auth Required response to a client, leveraging off HTTP's built in basic and digest authentication schemes.

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