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Work Mode

  • WorkMode - the group's Work Mode including how the group uses distributed Call for Consensus, list of mail lists used by the group.
  • Newbie - information for new members of the group (aka newbies).

Specification Status


Interoperability and Implementation Reports

  • For links to ongoing interoperability activities and Implementation Reports, see the Interop document


See WebApps' Meetings page for information about upcoming face-to-face (f2f) meetings, links to past f2f meetings and information about distributed meetings (aka telcons).

Other Group Resources

  • TimeToREC - for all of WebApps' Recommendations, this document summarizes the elapsed time between the publication of the First Public Working Draft and the publication of the (first) Recommendation.
  • CharterHistory - WebApps' charter history including links to all of group's charter since it started in 2008.
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