Who can join groups

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A variety of factors determine who can join which type of W3C group.

  • If you work for a W3C Member
    • Member employees may participate in any type of group at no cost.
    • Only the Advisory Committee (AC) Representative of the Member is authorized to join a group; the Advisory Committee Representative then nominates employees to the group. When non-AC Representatives use the "join" interface for a group, they are given an opportunity to let their AC Representative know they want the Member to join.
  • If you work for a non-Member organization

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How to join a group

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How Employees of Member Organizations Join a Group

    • As a benefit of W3C Membership, a Member may participate in any W3C Working, Interest, Community, or Business Group.
    • The only person may join a group on behalf of a W3C Member is the Advisory Committee Representative. The AC Rep then "appoints" participants in the group. The Advisory Committee Representative has a tool that displays all people known to be affiliated with the Member.
    • Other Member employees may use a "join" form to send a request to their Advisory Committee Representative to join a group.

How Individuals Affiliated with non-Member Organizations Join a Group

    • Individuals affiliated with non-Member organizations may request to participate in Working Groups as "invited experts"; see the instructions for invited experts. Most W3C Working Groups include a small number of invited experts. However, some, allow broad participation. Each Working Group Charter addresses participation.
    • For some Interest Groups, the same rules apply as for Working Groups. However, some Interest Groups are simply mailing lists, in which case anybody may subscribe.
    • Community Groups and Business Groups are open to all. Community Groups have no associated fee; Business Groups have fees for non-Members.
      • For CGs and BGs that produce specifications, W3C seeks participation by organizations under the Contributor Agreement; more information is available

How Unaffiliated Individuals Join a Group

    • The same rules apply as for Individuals Affiliated with non-Member Organizations. However, there is no "organizational patent commitment" expectation.

More Detailed Instructions for Joining

Participation Requirements


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