A Problem-oriented Medical Record Ontology

Chimezie Ogbuji, The Cleveland Clinic, <ogbujic@ccf.org>

Semantic Web Healthcare and Life Science Interest Group

Why build a patient record ontology?

Influential literature

How can this ontology be used?

Design Choices

Core classes


 inf:depiction AND rim:Act AND
(foaf:maker EXACTLY 1) AND (dol:has-quality SOME time:TemporalEntity) AND
(edns:realizes ONLY cpr:patient-record) AND (cpr:description-of min 1)         


inf:information-realization AND cpr:diagnostic-act AND
(edns:realizes SOME cpr:medical-problem)  AND (dol:particpant SOME cpr:clinician)        


dol:linguistic-object AND (galen:hasSeverity MIN 1) AND (dol:has-quality SOME time:TemporalEntity)        


(edns:interpreted-by ONLY cpr:clinician) AND 
(cpr:interpretant-of ONLY cpr:disease) AND (cpr:interpretant-of MIN 1) 


((dol:interpreted-by ONLY cpr:patient) AND 
 (cpr:interpretant-of ONLY (cpr:disease OR physiological-state OR physiological-process))))

Ontologies used

Best practices

Motivating usecases

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Indications

The POMR ontology was used to model guidelines for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft operations.

Modeling an Cardiac Catheterization

A clinical description entry in a patient record which describes a cardiac catheterization which shows an arterial stricture.

[ a cpr:clinical-description;
  dol:has-quality [ a time:Instant; time:inXSDDate "2006-12-06"^^xsd:date ]
  foaf:maker [];
  rdfs:label 'Cardiac Catheterization @ 2006-12-06';
    [ a cpr:screening;
        [ a inf:diagrammatic-object,foaf:Image;
          edns:interpreted-by [ a cpr:clinician ];
            [ a galen:Stricture, cpr:pathological-structure; 
              galen:hasSeverity "50";
              galen:hasSpecificLocation galen:LeftAnteriorDescendingCoronaryArtery;           

Mapping from HL7 CDA to POMR

The POMR ontology was used as the target vocabulary for a GRDDL transform written for HL7 CDA documents.

Namespace and resources

The cpr prefix is associated with the Namespace URI: http://purl.org/cpr/1.0/problem-oriented-medical-record.owl#

The /cpr PURL top-level domain has been registered as a home for this vocabulary

The Namespace URI resolves to a formal OWL ontology

Problems and Issues