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Text2Data Linking

Tools for annotating free-text with Linked Data URIs

In order to connect the classic document web with the emerging web of data, textual web documents can be annotated with Linked Data URIs. These annotations link concepts decribed in the free-text documents to data about these concepts on the Web of Data.

This page collects tool for (automatically) annotating free-text with linked data URIs.

Proposals on how to represent links between documents and data are discussed on the here.

Automatic Annotation Tools

  • Alchemy commercial entiry extraction service which links entities to DBpedia, Freebase, US Census, GeoNames, UMBEL, OpenCyc, YAGO, MusicBrainz, CIA Factbook, and CrunchBase. See Alchemy API Linked Data.
  • OpenCalais entiry extraction service which links entities to DBpedia, Wikipedia, Freebase, Reuters, GeoNames, Shopping, IMDB, and LinkedMDB.
  • DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for annotating mentions of DBpedia resources in natural language text.
  • Zemanta commercial service for the annotation of blog posts.
  • RDFaCE text editor that bundels different NLP annotation services.

The topic of automatically annotating documents with DBpedia URIs has been discussed February 2010 on the LOD mailing list.

Manual Annoation Tools