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While I don't see much reason to change the text on the best practices, I do see reason to add links to each one of the items, so that authors can click through to appropriate specifications. For example, copy and paste and drag and drop are part of the dataTransfer API. Platform IME is part of the IME-API. Spell checking is being addressed by a spellchecking API and should also be marked up via ARIA. Unicode, CSS line boxes and other such features should be referenced.

I'd like to see these two removed, as they are covered by Platform IME and a11y: "Native features specific to the user, for example custom text services, have to be reimplemented. This is close to impossible since each user might have different services installed, and there is an unbounded set of possible such services.".

This should point to WCAG and an upcoming WCAG-TECHS document on magnification: "Accessibility features such as magnification following the caret or selection have to be reimplemented.". The caret and selection text should point to the appropriate Canvas and DOM APIs.

In this way, the warning can pack a lot of helpful links, and in doing so, prove that it is indeed a lot of work to implement text editing.

Replace the text "reimplement" with "implement". The "re-" part is redundant and has a patronizing tone.

Charles Pritchard 20:05, 12 February 2012 (UTC)