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Future updates

UPDATE: 9th August 2011 - article updated, cleaned up, and HTML5-ified. Now ready to translate/proof.

THIS WILL NEED UPDATING, AS A NUMBER OF THESE ELEMENTS HAVE BEEN REDEFINED, and some previously deprecated elements have bene brought back in.

About the original author

Picture of the article author Mark Norman Francis

Photo credit: Andy Budd.

Mark Norman Francis has been working with the internet since before the web was invented. He is currently a Technologist working on Artfinder. In his spare time he watches TV, writes code which he publishes on github and pretends to have a blog.

Previously he worked at Yahoo! as a Front End Architect, defining best practices, coding standards and quality in web development internationally; before that at Formula One Management, Purple Interactive and City University in various roles including web development, backend CGI programming and systems architecture.