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About the original author

Picture of the article author Tommy Olsson

Tommy Olsson is a pragmatic evangelist for web standards and accessibility, who lives in the outback of central Sweden. He wrote his first HTML document in 1993 and is currently the Web Coordinator for a Swedish government agency.

He has written two books — The Ultimate CSS Reference (along with Paul O’Brien, soon to be in its 2nd edition), and Max räckvidd med HTML & CSS (Max Reach with HTML & CSS). He also has a sadly neglected blog called The Autistic Cuckoo, and co-wrote the national Swedish guidelines for web development, Vägledningen 24-timmarswebben.

Initial value for the margin property is unspecified

The corresponding text currently reads, "... and the initial value for margin properties is ."

But that value is not specified. What is it?