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The phrase, "Sounds like a good Semantic Web application", has become a sort of a joke, referring to the situation where so many computer applications look to Semantic Web fans like they are best implemented with Semantic Web technology. It's kind of a joke, but many of believe it too. Much of the humor comes from the pain felt in seeing non-SemWeb applications deployed week after week.

So let's list these things, so we can commiserate and maybe even strategize.


This is a shoe-in. Someone want to fill in the details?


Another shoe-in. Details?


Freshmeat is one of these many registries where users fill out and maintain a little information about something important to them (eg their projects). Wouldn't this be better done by having the project sites publish their metadata in RDF? See SoftwarePackaging (esp DOAP).

Yes, this predates RDF, but investment continues.