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Status: Working Draft (Req Doc)

Old reference:

Author: Yves Savourel

Usage Scenario: Terminology Creation and Translation


During the development of documentation material, it is common practice to scan the content of the documents to create a list of frequently used terms.

This list is used to provide a consistent terminology across the different parts of the documentation. It is also used as the base for translation glossaries.

During the terminology creation phase the insertion of special markers to delimit terms within the source material helps the user to identify the proposed entries and view them within their context.

The same markup can be used at later stages in the translation process, to help the translators match the source terms with their agreed-upon translations.

The use of a common set of markers allows for better re-usability of the information across the different steps of the localization process and across the various tools used to facilitate it.


This scenario is relevant to:

  • The authors or the terminologists that create the glossaries
  • The people working on quality management/assurance
  • The translators