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In a federation of SPARQL endpoints, we would like to retrieve information about the data and services available from the SPARQL endpoint itself, as well as information about each graph. Below, we collect some of the information requirements for RDF named graphs.

Minimum information about a graph

  • label - skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel
  • creator - dcterms:creator (can be applied to both RDF graph creator and creator of original data)
  • date - dct:issued (when used on graph URI, means date of creation, update)
  • license - http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/interest/void/#license (check this with science commons)
  • source data - predicate from Provenance Vocabulary with value of URL for original data
  • software used for RDF rendering - Software Ontology - todo: add D2R and SWObjects to SWO
  • vocabularies used in the RDF - list? of what type??
  • When selecting services or graphs, we would like to know which endpoints access (already) materialized graphs, as opposed to using procedural attachment or entailment regimes we will want to know about materialization when we are concerned about performance
  • graph size (in triples)
  • misc other graph statistics, e.g. most populated class, properties most used, etc.

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