HCLSIG/SWANSIOC/Meetings/2010-3-22 Conference Call

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Conference Details

  • Date of Call: Monday Mar 22, 2010
  • Time of Call: 10:00am Eastern Time
  • Dial-In #: +1.617.761.6200 (Cambridge, MA)
  • Dial-In #: + (Nice, France)
  • Dial-In #: +44.117.370.6152 (Bristol, UK)
  • Participant Access Code: 42572 ("HCLS2")
  • IRC Channel: irc.w3.org port 6665 channel #HCLS2 (see W3C IRC page for details, or see Web IRC)
  • Duration: ~1 hour
  • Convener: Sudeshna Das
  • Notes: TDB

Proposed Agenda

  • Discourse+Data+Experiment Kickoff Meeting
  • AOB


Meeting Notes


Discussion on draft of proposed integration. Possible overlaps with EFO ontology from EBI and OBI. Also, MGED may be part of OBI now. Key is to identify overlaps between different experiment ontologies, coordinate and interact with other people.

The microarray study from BioRDF might fit it. BioRDF group has found some terms to capture the provenance of exeriment, and looked at other ontologies from the neuroscience domain. They have someone working on the provenance of experiments but need someone to pick up Lena's work of modelling gene lists. Gene lists are actually kind of evidence, part of the hypothesis. However, they need some one who really understands the computational part of the experiment, in order to capture this part of the metadata.

A process from the myExperiment ontology could be a web service or a script.

Action Items

  • Sudeshna: check on possible overlaps with other efforts
  • Satya: check how ontologies align with the OBI ontologies
  • Paolo: create an OWL for the file for proposed model
  • Jun, Satya, and Kei: create an RDF graph to describe the microarray experiment from bioRDF using these ontologies