HCLSIG/PharmaOntology/Meetings/2010-11-04 Conference Call minutes

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Michel: Should diagram go in the paper?

... Query is on the patient data

... should it be query-based or should it be an overview of entities?

Joanne: These are not mutually exclusive

... Make an overview diagram?

trish_whetzel Probably yes on including the diagram, but need to review in context of current draft of paper

... 	Michel, let me know if help is needed formatting paper

Michel: To what extent do we have the IDs in the patient records?

trish_whetzel I believe Chime was leading that task

... we have a table of IDs, are they in the Indivo records themselves?
(Trish and Joanne discuss whether Eric or Chime?)

trish_whetzel sure, I'm emailing eric now

Michel: Polymorphisms, genetic data needs to include all data?

... SNP should just need a reference to a URI
... but if there is no URI, we need a structure for the genetic info
... issue is for Eric
... Alignment w EHR, but no Eric or Chime
... Michel: Other issues?

trish_whetzel will the draft of the paper be circulated after it is re-formatted?

Joanne: Whether we need a new lead author?

trish_whetzel Perhaps someone can coordinate the technical items and someone can coordinate the paper submission process

Elgar: Q re author ordering

trish_whetzel agree with Elgar

Michel: Will have to check re author contributions have to be identified

... will highlight sections that might need work