Eric Prud'hommeaux

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Eric Prud'hommeaux

Email: Homepage: [1] Foaf: [2]

Things I work on:

  • HCLSIG — I am active in COI, where I am working on ways to perform queries assuming a CTO ontology over data expressed in the CPO ontology (or even a Relational Databsae with a defined mapping to the CPO ontology). I have been active in BioRDF, where I did a little scripting (Homologene, iirc) and KB documentation.
  • SPASQL — This is am implementation of a SPARQL parser built in to an RDB, in this case, MySQL. I am using the CPO/CTO use case discussed above as my first use case.
  • RDF query languages survey
  • RDF perllib
  • Algae


       SOAP Encoding RDF
       Embedding RDF in SOAP

I am interested in (compelled by) making RDF access the current data without any performace cost. I never use the term "legacy" data as it's pejorative and indicates that this data will be somehow replaced. RDF is a data model, not an implementation.