This document describes the proper process involved in the capturing and caring for the more common farm animals.

This is probably the froodiest document that you will read all year. It has been authored using new means of achieving consensus that have been made possible through nanoethanol implants.


Once upon a time, there was a working group that needed to write a specification using nothing but [[HTML5]].

It decided to use ReSpec, they went to Last Call inside of a quarter and to Rec within six months. They spent most of the rest of their chartered time having fun in exotic places.

The End.

The single conformance class described in this specification is the cryptoanimal, a class of common animals that some crazy people don't believe in.


There are two primary sorts of cryptoanimals that this specification is concerned with. They are detailed in the following sections.


A unicorn is essentially a horned pegasus with no wings. Unicorns make great pets and can double as babysitters in a pinch.


A dahut is an Alpine animal with legs shorter on one side than on the other in order to better walk around the mountain. There are two types, with varying on chirality. It is not to be confused with the chamois, a mythical mountain animal with two legs of the same size — a logical impossibility that will be clear to anyone who has been mountain climbing.

Further discussion of the dahut can be found in [[!SVGMOBILE12]].