International monetization: checklist for content developers

Further reading

This page provides a list of topics to consider related to international development of monetization products.

If the topics in the left-hand column are not relevant to what you are producing, just move on to the next row. If they are relevant, then consider the questions in the middle column.

If your application... ... then: more info
... will use any characters outside the ASCII range

... contains natural language text that will be read by a human (this includes error messages or other UI text, JSON strings, etc, etc),

... allows searching or matching of text, including syntax and identifiers

... sorts text

... captures user input, including names, addresses, time & date formats, etc

... involves working with different currencies

... deals with time in any way that will be read by humans and/or crosses time zone boundaries

... will be translated or localized

... will be rolled out in other countries