Audiobooks Manifest Schema

The schema in this directory is an adaptation of the publication manifest schemas for validating audiobook manifests. (Note, however, that not all constraints can be captured through the schemas.)

The schema is written in JSON Schema, and currently conform to Draft-07.

The schema is updated to newer drafts as broad support in validators becomes available.


The primary schema file audiobooks.schema.json requires the shared component schemas from the publication manifest repository. The module folder from that repository may need to be downloaded and placed in the same directory as the audiobooks.schema.json file depending on the validator used.

In some cases, it may be possible to validate without downloading the physical schemas (i.e., if the validator can retrieve the schemas automatically). In these cases, only the URL needs to be specified.


A list of JSON Schema validators and the draft(s) they support is available from the JSON Schema site.

The audiobooks manifest schema is known to work with the following validators/tools: