W3C Web of Things 1.1 specifications are W3C Recommendations

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The Web of Things Working Group published today three W3C Recommendations and recently updated supporting W3C Notes, thus enhancing with new functionalities the standards that enable interoperability across IoT platforms and application domains:

  • Web of Things Architecture 1.1 describes the abstract architecture for the W3C Web of Things for multiple application domains;
  • Web of Things Thing Description 1.1 describes the metadata and interfaces of Things, which are abstractions of physical or virtual entities that interact to and participate in the Web of Things;
  • Web of Things Discovery supports the distribution of WoT Thing Descriptions in a variety of use cases, including ad-hoc and engineered systems, during development and at runtime, and on local and global networks.

These new W3C Recommendations improve and expand the scope of the Web of Things without breaking compatibility with the first release in 2020, using web technology to harmonize access to diverse IoT devices and breaks silo walls. Please, read more in our Press Release.

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