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HTML WG BoF at XTech 2007

Holding an HTML WG BoF session at XTech 2007 is a possibility. To propose the session, the names of a few attendees are needed.

The session would take place on May 15th from 17:30 to 19:00.

If you plan to attend the session, please add your name to the following list.

People at XTech Able to Attend the HTML WG BoF on May 15th

people unable to attend at that time but interested

  • AnnevK (conflict with Widgets BoF, but can try to attend both I suppose)
  • MikeSmith (time conflict; I'm hosting a GeoLocation BoF on the same evening; so I will be there only in spirit)
  • Charles McCathieNevile (conflict with widgets BoF). Not available Thursday evening either (giving a presentation)

Non-BOF get-together

It has been suggested that there could be a get-together outside of the conference proper to prevent conflicts with other BoF sessions and to allow non-XTech attendees to participate.

If you are avaliable and interested, add your name and dates that you would be able to make below: