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HTML Working Group Wiki Space Index

DanConnolly (the WG chair) doesn't yet understand why we should maintain this separate table of contents.

GregoryRosmaita (the creator of this page) intended to provide a simple index to the HTML WG wiki space - it is intended as a catch-all index that allows individuals to find what they are searching for easily; are you suggesting that this page is redundant? if so, with what can this page be replaced? this index is intended to provide the functionality that the lists of elements and attributes offers in HTML 4.01

Note: These documents are loosely categorised and listed in alphabetic order. When contributing new issue pages to this list, please omit the prefix "HTML/" from the hyperlink text, in order to keep it brief and readily distinguishable from other links. The keywords may be placed at the start to aid scanning through the lists.

Table of Contents

Accessibility/Interoperability/Internationalization Issues

  1. Proposal for a Better ALT
  2. Abbreviations in HTMLx
  3. Abbreviation & Initialism Expansion & Reuse in HTML
  4. Accessibility Dependencies of HTMLx
  5. Integrating WAI-ARIA into HTML5
  6. Explicit Association Patterns in HTML
  7. Long Description for Images
  8. Short Fallback (extending ALT to all embedded objects
  9. Table @headers and @abbr for backwards compatibility
  10. Quote Element or Elements? Strengthening Q and Deprecating BLOCKQUOTE
  11. Summary For TABLE
  12. Table Accessibility in HTML4x
  13. Cross-referencing and subordinate text
  14. Better specification of client-side image maps
  15. Defining terms, proper nouns, variables and abbreviations
  16. Eliminating block/non-block distinctions for elements
  17. Designating the role for embedded content
  18. Bookmark and clipping support
  19. New “marks” markup attribute on quotation elements
  20. Adding attributes for pronunciation semantics
  21. Associating attributions, citations, quotations and references
  22. Liaison with CSS WG regarding styling of semantics legend
  23. The datatype ID and the attributes|id and xml:id
  24. DOM and UA norms for associated data and header cells
  25. Certain UAs should provide redirect management
  26. Adding MediaElement features to the OBJECT element
  27. Richer UI access to document data
  28. Cascading input device keybinding
  29. Author access to menu bar for commands
  30. Attributes to control linking and embedding
  31. New content negotiation norms (for selecting among languages)
  32. Re-specifying document.write for use in the XML serialization
  33. User access to embedded media metadata properties
  34. Interim legacy-bridging markup
  35. Content model improvements for list elements
  36. Parsing should be specified to accommodate future updates to HTML
  37. Tooltip semantics and presentation
  38. Remove unneeded elements from document conformance criteria
  39. Encourage UA transparent content negotiation for media resolution and media bitrate
  40. Add global attributes modules
  41. Add a “blockcode” element
  42. Add a “line” (“l”) element
  43. Add a “datum” (“d”) element
  44. Rename the “irrelevant” global attribute to “declared” or “decl” to better express the meaning
  45. Headings and subheadings
  46. Metadata container confusion
  47. Table header cell scope
  48. Tree tables
  49. Tables as 2D structures
  50. New or enhanced editing API

Added Attributes & Elements

Added Attributes

Added Elements

Changed Attributes & Elements

Changed Attributes

Changed Elements

Definitions and Clarification of Terms and Concepts

Dropped Attributes & Elements

Dropped Attributes

Dropped Elements


Miscellaneous Issues

Uncategorized/Uncatergorizable Issues

  1. Author Syntax for HTML
  2. Declarative Expressions for Web Forms 2.0
  3. Default Style Sheet for HTMLx (05)
  4. HTML DocTypes
  5. Forms Use Cases
  6. HTML As She Are Spoke
  7. HTML Test Materials
  8. Issue Tracker Requirements for HTML WG
  9. Proposed Chained Classsnames
  10. Proposed Design Principles
  11. Rich Text Input 03
  12. Semantic Markup for Poetic Forms
  13. Sequencing Of Elements In Head
  14. Specification Reviews
  15. Style attribute
  16. XTech2007 BoF
  17. Summary of text fallback

Creating Issue Pages

If you did not find an issue listed which you wish to address, please use the HTML Issue Template to create a new issue document. If you have created an issue wiki page, please add it to the list above by editing this document.

Only create a new page when you have useful content to go on it. (Care with empty/template topics and OnlyMakeInterestingPages).

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