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Gathering Rationales

This page lists sources where rationales relating to HTMLWG's work may be found as an aid for productive contributions in gathering them up. Currently, with a few exceptions, very little rationale has been summarised on this wiki.

Each specific rationale goes on the HTML:corresponding wiki page. When adding supporting rationale to the appropriate page, please be sure to do so in a way that the editors will pay attention to it. For instance, don't include any content on the wiki page that wasn't first posted to the public-html list.

Providing rationale is important to group progress. Please help to find why, for example, the current HTML5 feature set differs from HTML4. Specifically, why attributes and elements are absent, added or changed.


Note: From what BenMillard: I can gather, "WHATWG" is not interchangeable with "HTMLWG".

Note: Links to specific articles, threads, discussions and topics should go on the HTML:corresponding wiki page.

Contributor Blogs

Various WHATWG members own blogs, where they sometimes write about HTML5:

BenMillard: I think there are more than this out there. Not sure how significant a contributor needs to be for their website to be listed here. Probably "the more the merrier" for now.

Note: Links to specific articles should go on the HTML:corresponding wiki page.

Web Tracking

WHATWG contributors tend to track discussions about HTML5 using:

Note: Only the tracking techniques used by WHATWG should be added here.

Blog Comments

WHATWG contributors sometimes add comments to the websites they find discussion HTML5. Known websites where this has happened are:

Note: Links to any specific comments should go on the HTML:corresponding wiki page.


Note: Links to specific threads, discussions and articles should go on the HTML:corresponding wiki page.


This information is mostly gathered from messages by Ben 'Cerbera' Millard, Anne van Kesteren and Henri Sivonen in Neutrality in "HTML 5 differences from HTML 4". Other sources are welcome.


Note: This page is named [[RationalesGathering]] so it gets an intuitive position in alphabetical indices. "Gathering Rationales" is probably a better name when talking or typing to people.