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Put a summary of the issue here

Describe the issue here. The issue should be one of:

  • A problem in terms of author needs
    • Authors are unable to create native context menus.
    • The semantics of tables with complex data cell - header cell relationships can't be expressed in HTML5.
  • A problem in terms of implementation needs
    • The specification does not define how to parse the SIZE attribute.
  • An error in the spec (contradiction, lack of clarity, etc)
    • The parsing algorithm has an infinite loop if you have a TR start tag followed by a TD end tag.


  • List the relevant research that has been done on the topic, ideally with links to the raw data.
  • For example, does Google's class attribute survey have any related evidence or notable lack of evidence?
  • Can you link to pages that are working around the lack of a feature, e.g. Webmail tools work around the lack of a list view control.
  • Link to test cases and summarise what browsers do today.
  • Research should be presented in a neutral and objective way: do not say whether the research supports or counters the proposals. Do not exclude research because it would support or counter the proposals. Just include everything, without interpretation.


  • List every proposal for the change.
    • For each proposal, include the reasoning.
    • Even if you don't agree with it!
    • Make sure to include both pros and cons
  • List also the proposals to not change the spec, if any.
    • Along with the reasons for those proposals
    • Make sure to include both pros and cons