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HTML 5.0 Features at Risk

WARNING: This wiki page is used solely as a shared document holding place while the list of AR features is discussed. Do NOT use this as the definitive list, that will be listed in the document itself once published.

Features to remove in LC

  • <details>/<summary>
  • <dialog> (extension spec?)
  •  :dir() pseudoclass
  • <iframe seamless> (extension spec?)
  • isContentHandlerRegistered, isProtocolHandlerRegistered
  • input types datetime, datetime-local, week, month (extension spec?)
  • reportValidity
  • <style scoped>
  • XMLDocument.load (from 5.1 as well)

Features at risk in LC

  • DataCue
  • New ruby model?
  • input type=time

DOM4 Features at Risk

  • ParentNode.prepend() and ParentNode.append() (need tests?)
  • ChildNode.after(), ChildNode.before(), and ChildNode.replace() (need tests)

We also need tests for MutationObservers.


The sections below are older versions of the thinking on At Risk features.

HTML 5.0

HTML Canvas 2D Context