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Forms Use Cases

Here's some of the most common types of forms seen on the web. This list draws on sites from the Alexa top traffic list, the list of Google PageRank 10 sites,a sampling of startups mentioned recently on TechCrunch, and sites seen in Safari bug reports.

  • plain old search box
  • login
  • registration for an account
  • post a comment, blog entry or forum post
  • shopping cart
  • make a purchase or payment (enter billing / shipping info)
  • reserve something for a period of time (hotel room, rental car, airline tickets)
  • compose a mail message
  • record a calendar appointment
  • enter a description of yourself for a profile (social network, jobs, personals)
  • upload some pictures or a video
  • provide info to be allowed to download a piece of software
  • request a stock quote
  • request a map or driving directions
  • specialized search with extra fields (jobs, classifieds, restaurants, movie times, personals, classified ads)
  • add tags or keywords
  • submit a link for social bookmarking / news aggregation
  • select region (state, country continent) from a list
  • send a chat / IM message
  • fill in a form to create a specialized piece of online content (party invite, auction item, list of favorite things)