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W3C HTML WG Email Lists

Numerous (public-html-) lists are used to conduct W3C HTML Working Group business and deal with proposals and issues.

Public HTML

Purpose: for technical discussions of HTML 5. It is the primary communication channel for the HTML working group.


Purpose: for the HTML Accessibility Task Force, a joint task force of the HTML WG and the PFWG.


Purpose: for announcements of surveys, drafts, formal proposals, meeting agendas, minutes, and other important HTML WG business.


Purpose: to distribute and archive all messages generated for the "HTML WG" product in the public W3C bugzilla. It is used to keep track of proposals and bugs. "Anyone from the wider public can raise issues in the bugzilla -- not just members of the HTML WG nor people who have set up W3C accounts, with the guarantee that both the (co-chair) and the HTML5 editor will see them, and that the editor will add them to his queue of issues to respond to." For more information visit Why

Bugzilla for HTML WG Process Issues

It was decided at the 2 February 2010 Working Group Teleconference to instate a bugzilla component for process issues. If you go to Bugzilla the drop down component menu contains "working group Decision Policy" (it is the last item).

Canvas API

Purpose: to facilitate focused discussion on the canvas API and to encourage participation in that discussion from graphics experts and others who may not be members of the HTML working group (and may not want to be).


Purpose: for public comments on the HTML 5 specification(s) and responses from the HTML WG.


Purpose: for commit notifications for


Purpose: Automated notification list. For each change to an HTML document maintained in the repository space, a new HTML diff is automatically generated and uploaded, and a notification with a URL for that diff gets posted to this list.


Purpose: for forms joint task force discussion per March 2007 HTML WG charter and Forms WG charter

HTML Editor

Purpose: for sending comments and reporting errors of the HTML/XHTML specifications.

Issue Tracking

Purpose: for Issue Tracker discussion.


Purpose: for discussion of HTML and email - authoring, security, and rendering.

Test Suite

Purpose: development of test suites for HTML-related specifications.

Relevant Related W3C Lists


Purpose: Protocols and Formats Working Group's wai-xtech mailing list is for ensuring accessibility considerations are taken into account in all specifications produced by the W3C. The process for involving PF in accessibility issues in HTML5 is outlined in Judy Brewer's May 24, 2007 email. It is also detailed at the Paciello Group Blog.

WWW Archive

Purpose: for making a public archive of any W3C/web-related business, for example discussion of working group process.

Other W3C Public mailing lists

www-html, a mailing list created in 1994 to discuss HTML, is still available for discussions related to HTML. But it is not associated with the HTML Working Group, which conducts its business through its own mailing lists, with the primary one being public-html.

A full listing of other W3C Public mailing lists is available.