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Issue: What constitutes "universality" and how does it differ from accessibility, interoperability, internationalization, and general usability?


L. David Baron

"X is accessible to Y" means "Y is able to access/use X". I'm not limiting the term to just accessibility to people with disabilities, though.

Sander Tekelenburg

Right, that's how I used it too, up until a few days ago when it became clear that different people are insisting on using different definitions. Which means we need to either every time include our definition when we use the term, or collectively decide which term means what.   For the moment I'm attempting to go along with "univerality" [sic?] to mean what you and I call "accessibility", and "accessibility" to mean "accessibility to people with disabilities". Feels like quite a stretch though, so i don't know if I'll keep it up. And it's useful only anyway if we all use the same terminology.

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