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Change Proposal: Conformance error for use of role=presentation on interactive elements


No use cases for allowing role=presentation on interactive elements have been provided. The additon of role=presentation to interactive elements has a detrimental effect upon assistive technology users. Making role=presentation on interactive elements a conformance error will inform developers of the issue.



Use one of the following ways to provide the specifics of your proposal:

  1. A set of edit instructions, specific enough that they can be applied without ambiguity.
  2. Spec text for a draft to be published separate from HTML5 (though such a draft can be proposed at any time without a Change Proposal).
  3. Exact spec text for the sections to be changed, and a baseline revision for the version of the spec being changed.
  4. With prior permission from the chairs, a high-level prose description of the changes to be made.


Positive Effects

  • List advantages

Negative Effects

  • List disadvantages

Conformance Classes Changes

Describe what conformance classes will have to change.


Describe any risks.


  • List references