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Issue 30 Change Proposal: <a longdesc=link >


Extend @longdesc anchor and area elements. Examples:

1) <a longdesc=link ><img src=* alt=text ></a>
2) <a href=BLINK longdesc=link ><img src=* alt=text ></a>
3) <img src=* alt=text usemap=m >
   <map name=m ><area shape=default longdesc=link ></map>
4) <img src=* alt=text usemap=m >
   <map name=m ><area shape=default href=BLINK longdesc=link ></map>
5) <a longdesc=link ><table /></a>


  • allow authors to build on their knowledge about anchor and area elements when creating longdesc links.
  • permit creatition of specific longdesc link texts: <area alt=longdescLinkText longdesc=link>
  • add opportunity to add longdesc links also to other elements than the IMG element


A set of edit instructions, specific enough that they can be applied without ambiguity:

  • Add @longdesc to AREA and A, the same way it has been added to IMG (Again, this CP incorporporates Include Londesc in HTML5.)
  • Describe how to use <a longdesc=link> and <a longdesc=link href=BLINK >
  • Describe how <area longdesc="" coords=* shape=* > can be used to add a long description to a specific part of an image.
  • Give rules for how to handle duplicate @longdesc values: <a longdesc=link><img longdesc=link></a>. The rule should be that this is forbidden.
  • Point out that <area> and <a> are interactive elements even if they only contain the @longdesc attribute.


Positive Effects

  • Advantages

Negative Effects

  • List disadvantages

Conformance Classes Changes

Describe what conformance classes will have to change.


Describe any risks.


  • List references