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New video element

Issue: Justification for adding the "video" element.

Details: video is for multimedia content. It provides an API so application authors can script their own user interface, but there is also a way to trigger a user interface provided by the user agent. source elements are used together with these elements if there are multiple streams available of different types.

Rationale: Why this Element Should be Added

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  6. Applicable Design Principles (proposed)
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    • Specific Principle
    • Specific Principle
    • Specific Principle

Rationale: Why this Element Should Not be Added

Aurélien Levy: accessibility of video element

  1. Issue: Is there a way to have synchronized caption and audiodescription on a video element (except from a directly embed caption or audiodescription in the video itself) or is the media + source element here to achieve things like that? Why did you not take the SMIL audio, SMIL text and SMIL video elements?

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