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Added Attribute: "required"

Issue: Justification for adding the "required" attribute, which "applies to all form controls except controls with the type hidden, image inputs, buttons (submit, move-up, etc.), and select and output elements. For disabled or readonly controls, the 'required' attribute has no effect." (Source: Web Forms 2.0, Section 2.7)


Rationale: Why the "required" Attribute Should be Added

  1. Provides an explicit state binding, indicating that the user has to fill in a value in order to submit the form, rather than relying on font-characteristic changes or ascii art (such as: "Items marked with ** are required") which only implicitly mark the form field as "required" for those who can perceive the font change or process the ascii art.
  2. Applicable Design Principles (proposed)
    • Accessibility
    • Device Independence
    • Universality
    • Usability

Rationale: Why the "required" Attribute Should Not be Added

  1. List Rationale
  2. List Rationale
  3. List Rationale
  4. List Rationale
  5. List Rationale
  6. Applicable Design Principles (proposed)
    • Specific Principle
    • Specific Principle
    • Specific Principle
    • Specific Principle

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