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2007-11 f2f at W3C TPAC in Cambridge, Mass.

The HTML Working Group Nov 2007 meeting included face-to-face discussions, blogging, and unconference sessions.

Minutes and Notes


Ballroom D Ballroom B
behind the secret door
Hotel Lobby
Thu 4:00pm Media Elements ARIA
Thu 5:00pm Writing Tests: Hands on session ARIA
Thu 6:00pm Evening
Fri 9:00am Story telling and test cases; Organising tests Annotating the spec: Hands on session
Fri 10:00am Validator Tests Annotating the spec: Hands on session
Fri 11:00am Break *Three Chords and the Truth*
see InstantGig
Fri 11:45am Offline support I18N and encodings
Fri 12:30am Lunch
Fri 13:30pm Versioning Data Tables
Fri 14:30pm HTML5 for Authors
Fri 15:30pm Break
Fri 16:00pm TESTS: Licensing, hosting, etc.
Fri 17:00pm hacking html5lib; hands on
Sat 9:00am ARIA in HTML5
Sat 10:00am Large group requirements/charter discussion
Sat 12:00pm