[DIR]public-html (latest)
Technical mailing list for the group.
[DIR]public-html-admin (latest)
Administrative mailing list for the group.
[DIR]public-html-wg-announce (latest) [unsubscribe]
Announcements of surveys, drafts, formal proposals, and other important business.
[DIR]public-html-bugzilla (latest) [subscribe] [unsubscribe]
For distributing and archiving all messages generated for the "HTML WG" product in the public W3C bugzilla instance.
[DIR]public-html-comments (latest) [subscribe] [unsubscribe]
Public comments on the HTML 5 specification(s) and responses from the editors and the group.
[DIR]commits (latest) [subscribe] [unsubscribe]
Automated notifications of commits to the group’s repository for draft documents
[DIR]public-html-issue-tracking (latest)
Notifications and discussions related to HTML WG issue-tracking.

HTML WG Topic Mailing Lists

[DIR]public-html-media (latest)
Discussion list for the Media Source and Encrypted Media.
[DIR]public-html-a11y (latest)
Discussion list for the HTML Accessibility Task Force, a joint task force of the HTML WG and the PFWG. People not in the task force may bring issues up for consideration by mailing wai-xtech@w3.org.
[DIR]public-canvas-api (latest) [subscribe] [unsubscribe]
Public discussion of the Canvas API, for use in the HTML, SVG, and other Web languages
[DIR]public-html-ig-jp (latest) [subscribe] [unsubscribe]
The mailing list for the HTML5 Japanese Interest Group.
[DIR]public-html-testsuite (latest) [subscribe] [unsubscribe]
Development of test suites for the group’s specifications.