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eGov and Open Data Camp

See W3C Track Planning page

Chairs: Phil Archer, W3C, and W3C Brazil Office Team

eGovernment and Open Data in Practice

15:00 - 16:30

This first session will include some short presentations that will stimulate discussion. Overall, we want to address the question of what the public sector must do to achieve the triple promise of open data: transparency, efficiency and financial stimulus, and how the theory matches up with reality. Where does the public sector obligation end and hand over to the private sector and private individuals? What practical measures need to be taken by government IT managers to promote innovation? How can new services be supported with existing infrastructure that may be far from agile? The short talks will include:

  • Developing vocabularies, the Brazilian vocabulary for social participation. This talk by Henrique Parra will report on Brazilian efforts to encourage citizens to engage with the government.
  • The challenges and opportunities of data journalism, Diego Rabatone Oliveira, O Estado de São Paulo
  • Parliamentary Transparency, Pierre Andrews, University of São Paulo, Brazil

During the discussion, suggestions will be taken for the second part of the session in the style of a bar camp (unconference). Before the break, you'll be able to pitch other ideas for topics too.

eGov Bar Camp

17:00 - 18:30

Picking up from the discussion and ideas in the first part of the session, we'll have a series of parallel sessions in the style of an unconference - the topics are up to you! They can be on any eGov subject but possibilities include:

For emphasis, these are just suggestions, the actual topics will be determined by those present in the room.