ISSUE-41: Is dcat:CatalogRecord related to Named Graphs?


Is dcat:CatalogRecord related to Named Graphs?

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Richard Cyganiak
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Raised by Stuart Williams in off-list conversation:

"I'm intrigued by CatalogRecord - which seems to go largely unexplained, but I think it likely that a catalog be implemented as a collection of named graphs, each named graph being a CatalogRecord and containing a 'dcat' entry for a given dataset. That way multiple Records about the same dataset could be kept apart with a single catalog - though I'm not sure why a catalogue would want to have multiple entries for the same data set. I guess a given dataset is then implicitly the subject of a catalog record by virtue of being the subject of a dcat:dataset statement. Is that roughly the idea?"
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Phil Archer, 26 Jan 2012, 10:49:46

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