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User-Controlled Style Override Use Cases

Purpose: The goal of this document is to outline the use-cases where a user would want to over-ride or augment the user-agent and site-specific stylesheets.

Disabilities and their needs:

Visually Impaired

  • Increase font size of body content
  • Highlight Menu Options
  • Identify menu items and body content to allow for text-to-speech
  • Text provided for image-based menus
  • Consideration for non-mouse non-touch screen navigation


  • Ability to over-ride readable fonts (not icon fonts)
  • Ability tho make more space between lines, between words
  • Ability to color syllabes in words with contrasted colors

Color Blind

  • Ability to change background & font colors to increase visibility

Specific to Reading/Long-form

  • Ability to customize link/reference styling to make more obvious.
  • Target and Relative font size (all fonts +2em VS all fonts pegged at 36px)

Preferred Reading Mode