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THAD McILROY, Consultant and co-author, The Metadata Handbook [Bill]

"ONIX and metadata in general are just way too complex for the average trade publisher." "These people may never come along."

"We need ONIX LITE focused on marketing and discovery."

"Very few publishers have the resources of a Pearson to get ONIX right."

"The metadata situation for a receiver is just crazy—TONS of inconsistency."

"The use case is not clear—what is the benefit?"

"There's also lots of inconsistency in what the recipients require."

The ONIX 3.0 vs. 2.1 situation is a real problem.

"Today, in 2014, the point of metadata is marketing books and making them discoverable. We should just focus on that."

"Maybe schema.org should become ONIX LITE."