Summary of 20140314 Structural Semantics Call

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Four Point Summary of 20140314 Structural Semantics Call

  1. IDPF defines/maintains its vocabulary (-ies), and uses the HTML5 "applicable specifications gloss" to make the terms valid in @role (so that, e.g., the validator would accept the content)
  2. PF and/or HTML5 needs to change the processing rules for @role so that fallback to native host language semantics is done when an unrecognized term appears
  3. The W3C HTML validator needs to be updated... ?
    1. the definition of the terms should be cross-checked with the HTML5 WG people, especially Michael Smith, W3C (who maintains the validator) to make sure that the terms are fine and, e.g., do not contradict existing HTML5 terminologies
  4. PF can of course work on its new modules as well, whose terms could be subsets of the IDPF vocals, and/or would have a same-as relationship to the IDPF terms