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DPUB IG Scribe list

The duties of the scribe are to scribe on the irc channel, clearly recording resolutions and action items, run the scribe script via RRSAgent, clean up the resulting XHTML file, and email it as attachement to the IG list within one working day after the IG meeting. The chairs or the staff contacts will put the minutes back on their final URI.

If you have scribed a DPUB IG meeting, please add on the row of your name, the date of the meeting (with a link to the minutes) in the following table.

Name Scribed on Scribed on
Berjon, Robin
Bos, Bert
Bowles, Richard
Burns, Tom
Chandra, Somnath
Chuang, Tyng-Ruey
Ciccarese, Paolo
Clark, Tim
Danet, Pierre
De Nies, Tom
Duga, Brady
Fujisawa, Jun
Garg, Sharad
Ghaem Sigarchian, Hajar
Gylling, Markus
Herman, Ivan
Hirsch, Frederick
Ishii, Koji
Kaplansky, Jean
Kerscher, George
Kosek, Jirka
Lata, Swaran
Levantovsky, Vladimir
Linss, Peter
Liu, Frank
Malik, Priyanka
Mannens, Erik
Mayers, Karen 2013-08-06 2013-08-13
Michel, Thierry
Mondini, Livio
Prashant, Prashant Verma
Quin, Liam
San Jose, Carlos
Sanderson, Robert 2013-08-27 2013-09-03
Satapathy, Jiphun
Schwabe, Daniel
Siderwicz, Marilyn
Siegman, Tzviya 2013-08-27
Solomon, Madi 2013-08-20
Stirbu, Vlad
Tyagi, Naitik Tyagi
Vander Sande, Miel
Walkley, George
Zergaoui, Mohamed

The chairs use roughly their best judgement :-) to set the order. Newcommers to the group are usually put to the end of the list (to avoid jumping them ahead of everybody else right away...). In some cases the same date appears twice; this reflects the fact that, depending on the agenda, others have to jump in for scribing to replace the "official" scribe.

This page should be updated with new participants joining the IG.