Meeting Summary 2015-02-09

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Meeting minutes:

Main discussions

List of W3C publications relevant to publishing

Thierry has put together such a list, currently on the DPUB wiki. It should, eventually, be moved to the public W3C wiki, so that everybody (with a W3C account) can not only read it but also edit it. It has been agreed that Heather and Liza will still comment on it, Richard and Tzviya also have some documents to add to it, and then the document will be moved to the public wiki.

Identification issues (in the EPUB-WEB White Paper)

The EPUB-WEB White Paper identifies the identification (URL, linking) issues as one of the outstanding technical challenges.

One of the issues is to assign proper URI-s to documents to make them full-blown Web entities; however, as also shown by the output of the Metadata TF, there are many organizations that work (fight?) in assigning identifiers and URL-s, and it is not up to the Task Force, the IG, or indeed W3C's to define that.

Another issue is more architectural: links into a portable documents should remain valid regardless of its online vs. offline state. How to achieve that without the need to reconfigure/transform the content back and forth?

Markus and Ivan had a technical discussion on that, and the result is a writup on the github wiki. The best is if the (interested members of) the group look at this document and a discussion should then happen.

I18N Document Review

The document is on the I18N Activity's Wiki. Heather and Liza have both reviewed the list. Overall, it covers most of the needs. There is probably a need to prioratize the list; also, some missing issues were:

  • would be great to be able to complete the missing scripts/language entries, eg, arabic, hebrew…
  • behaviour on paged display should also be looked at (most of the cited documents are really on continuous Web pages)
  • it is a question whether quote marks and blockquotes would require a separate I18N review

Richard Ishida noted that some new articles will be added to the list; there is a first draft for International text layout and typography information. He also referred to the CSS counter styles' document published recently, and the accompanying document on predefined counter styles covering over a 100 different counter styles for different languages and scripts

Personalization Use Cases

Tzviya initiated a use case set, but that still requires further work. The discussion that followed was on the fact that not all use cases necessarily requires changes on CSS and/or HTML. It is therefore important to talk to the CSS experts to see what is really relevant as possible new work or adjustment at the CSS WG and what can be done. E.g., many use cases could be covered by user style sheets, although many browser do not use those any more, and it may require some very special knowledge. Certainly an issue of discussion. Goal at this point is to gather personalization use cases.

<footnote> Element Discussion

Background: the HTML WG is considering adding a footnote element to HTML, but a feedback from this group would be welcome. The mailing discussion (started by a mail of Shane McCarron led to a number of additional discussion around CSS, the role attribute, etc. However, the fundamental question is whether the DPUB IG thinks that the introduction of the element is a good idea or not in the first place.

The overall feeling was that yes, it is indeed a good idea (although the element name "footnote" may not be the best), but there were some concerns. Especially on whether the HTML WG, by covering about 5% of the annotation use cases through this element, would not feel that the whole area of annotation would be covered (which would be a mistake). The bottom line is that the IG will ask the HTML group to provide with a more detailed planned definition of the element, to see whether it should be improved with a contribution of this IG.