Meeting Summary 2015-01-12

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Meeting minutes:

Main discussions

There will be no meeting on 19 January (Martin Luther King Day in US)

List of W3C Specs Relevant to Publishing

Thierry has created and maintained list of W3C specs relevant to publishing on DPUB Wiki. He and Ivan have proposed moving this list to a public wiki that is editable by all. IG will review and edit the list before the next meeting and then shift to public wiki. Liza offered to explicitly review.

Project Houdini

Dave discussed the upcoming Project Houdini, especially as it relates to DPUB IG. Project Houdini is a joint effort of CSS WG and TAG with first meeting on 7-8 February. Using some principles of the extensible web manifesto, the goals are to extend CSS in the same way that HTML can be extended using methods like ShadowDOM and JavaScript. The Boxtree API is one aspect of this. DPUB will be well-represented at this meeting. We concluded that our best tactic at this point is to ensure that our use cases are ready to share. We will clean up our use cases about pagination, consolidate use cases about personalization, and prepare STEM-specific use cases about refined layout (e.g. tables and adjustments to Unicode).