Meeting Summary 2014-12-15

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Meeting minutes:

Main discussions

Review of the STEM questionnaire plans

Peter presented the current status of the planned STEM questionnaire. He gave a quick walkthrough the questions. The comments were mostly on the form and the usage of the questionnaire, and to make it palatable to those who will take the time to answer it. Though the questionnaire is quite long, it was remarked that the length as well as some level of redundancy may be necessary (for many people using the OWP technologies there is a certain level of mixup among browsers, authoring tools, markup in HTML or in CSS...).

After discussions it was agreed that the questions may have to be organized by providing, whenever possible, multiple choice questions to "direct" the responder (and make the evaluation easier) but also to add the option of a text box in case the various choices do not cover everything. Next steps:

  • turn the content of the wiki page content into a real (WBS) questionnaire
  • internal review and 'dry run' of the questionnaire before releasing it to the target responders.

The current timeline is to make the questionnaire available to the group by the end of the year and release it to the public mid January.

Specification list

This is related to deliverable in the charter related to "A comprehensive and prioritized list of W3C specifications that are important for the Digital Publishing industry". Thierry has made a table on the wiki which was also reviewed and extended by members of the group.

What to do next? Although the charter refers to this deliverable as a Note, it was agreed that making it a live document, e.g., as part of W3C's public wiki, is preferable. There were also discussions on whether the column referring to EPUB is necessary (the publishing industry is more than just EPUB...) and whether some sort of a comment field would be added to make notes (e.g., the latest version of MathML is 3.0, but version 2.0 is still widely used by the community).

Action list bashing

The group also spent a fair amount of time on cleaning up the action's list and was successful in trimming the list of open actions to those that are really open.