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CSS Priorities for the Digital Publishing Community

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  1. overflow spec: CSS Overflow Module
  2. fragmentation: CSS Fragmentation Module
  3. page floats: CSS Page Floats
  4. generated content: CSS Generated Content
  5. GCPM: CSS Generated Content for Paged Media
  6. Multicol: CSS Multi-Column Layout Module


  1. initial letters and drop caps: CSS Inline Layout Module
  2. better control over first baselines
  3. baseline grid: CSS Line Grid Module
    1. second section has long way to go...
  4. better control over justification and hyphenation
    1. user-created hyphenation exception dictionaries
    2. control of justification parameters—minimum/optimum/maximum word- and letter-spacing
    3. how many letters before/after hyphen?
    4. how many consecutive hyphens allowed?
    5. can the last word of a paragraph, column, page, or spread be hyphenated?
  5. hanging punctuation


  1. access alternate glyphs (opentype features + prince-glyph-index)
  2. font categorization - optical weights


  1. Placeholder to put in information about a11y, and browser bugs around implementation of generated content


  1. Be able to generate figure numbers, etc. and refer/link to generate figure numbers


  1. keeping image and caption together
  2. images extending to edge of viewport or beyond (bleeds)


  1. align on character for tables: CSS Text, unfortunately this was removed from CSS Text years ago


  1. support for MathML
  2. alignment between equations
  3. breaking equations
  4. numbering equations


  1. vertical text: CSS Writing Modes
  2. ruby layout: CSS Ruby Layout Module
  3. emphasis marks CSS Text Decoration Module
  4. line breaking, justification, hanging-punctuation: CSS Text Module
  5. character class spacing: CSS Text Module Level 4
  6. vertical centering (block centering in a page): csswg wiki Vertical Centering or use CSS Flexible Box Layout?
  7. Bopomofo support (see here; this may be solved outside of CSS)


  1. Shapes: CSS Shapes Module
  2. Exclusions: CSS Exclusions Module
  3. Regions : CSS Regions Module
  4. Houdini
    1. Custom Properties and Values
    2. Font Metrics
    3. Box Tree API (note dead link right now)