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Annotations Supplied with Publication

Use case
A publisher has one or more sets of annotations about a publication and wishes to supply those annotations along with the publication. These annotations could be comments by the author (in the same vein as DVD extras commentary), from famous readers, or simply pointers to related works. In an education setting, this functionality could be used to provide additional commentaries on a text book or other publication that are intended to assist the student in understanding the material. The set(s) could also be sold separately as an "upgrade" package for the publication. The annotations are as per previous use cases, but the packaging together in an interoperable way is the important aspect of this use case. The order of the annotations in the set (really a List) may be important, for example to read the publication in chronological rather than narrative order, or by following some other path through the work.
* Format for an ordered list of Annotations
All previous Annotation use cases
Relevant W3C group(s)/specification(s)
Primary: Open Annotation
Additional: JSON-LD (Serialization); RDF-WG (Model); HTML5 (body/work representation);
NB - The Open Annotation specification does not provide this functionality, but the CG is very interested in adopting and promoting any agreed upon method.
Submitted by
Rob Sanderson