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  1. Should XML-ER read the external subset?
  2. Should XML-ER read the internal subset?
  3. If XML-ER reads some/all of either subsets, should it recognize and expand entity references declared in the subset(s)?
  4. (MoZ) Do we allow an XML-WF to be changed through XML-ER process ? (said otherwise, is the XML-ER process the identity transform for all XML-WF ?)
  5. (MoZ) What is the output of XML-ER process : an XML-WF ? an Infoset ? an XDM ?
  6. (MoZ) Is the XML-ER process deterministic and generating always the same output ? Are all XML-ER process supposed to generate the same output for the same input ?
  7. (MoZ) Is XML-ER process dealing with overlapping markup (<a><b></a></b>)
  8. (MoZ) How is XML-ER dealing with namespaces ? (said otherwise, is XML-ER different from XML-NER)
  9. (MoZ) How is XML-ER dealing with DTD ? (said otherwise, is XML-ER fixing also DTD ?)