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Our group keeps its schama files and Test suite in Mercurial

Installing Mercurial

You can get Mercurial from the Mercurial download page (Mac, Windows, Linux, ...).

Access the repository

You can view the files in our repor by going here:

xformsusers repository

Or, if you have installed Mercurial, you can pull the repository using the command line:

hg clone

Editor/Member set up

If you are a member of the group (and want to edit a spec), you can set up it up like this (Mac/Linux):

If you have Mercurial already installed (type 'hg --version' in terminal to check), save the following in ~/.hgrc (using your W3C username and password):

username = Joe User <joe@user.example>
verbose = True

w3c.prefix =
w3c.username = juser
w3c.password = iamawesome