Internet of Things activities in the ITU

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies.

Joint Coordination Activity on Internet of Things (JCA-IoT)

JCA-IoT is a forum for the discussion of the Internet of Things, and open to ITU Members and designated representatives of relevant SDOs.

The goal of JCA-IoT is as follows;

  1. To coordinate the ITU-T work on network aspects of identification systems initially focusing on the work in the SGs on terms and definitions, the output of the correspondence groups and the technology watch report on USN.
  2. To collect and analyze the list of standardization items and associated roadmap;
  3. To forward urgent standardization issues to relevant SGs and other SDOs as appropriate;
  4. To act as a single point of contact within ITU-T with other SDOs in order to avoid duplication of work;
  5. To assist coordination between ITU-T Study Groups and other ITU groups and to include their representatives; and
  6. To carry out an external collaboration role with other relevant recognized SDOs and to invite their representatives.

Many draft Recommendations refer to W3C Recommendations, and it is highly related to W3C activity. It is worthwhile to advertise IoT related W3C technologies to ITU-T and other SDOs.

The International Telecommunications Union's Recommendation ITU-T Y.2063 provides a functional framework for the Web of things as a basis for unified access to devices through a web-based service environment, as well as through legacy telecommunications.